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С клиникой GMS я столкнулся случайно, когда во время командировки в Москву почувствовал себя плохо. Коллеги по московскому офису пользуются услугами GMS по страховке, и посоветовали мне обратиться к ним. Чтобы не искушать судьбу, я последовал их совету, несмотря на высокие даже по меркам Москвы цены.

We hope we can look forward to your participation next year as well

Dear Natalya,

On behalf of Auski I wish to sincerely thank-you for your wonderful support for the Cold Plunge for the Homeless held on Saturday February 2nd. It was wonderful to have you and your team from GMS on standby just in case our plungers were in need of medical assistance.

The event just keeps getting stronger and stronger. This - the 3rd plunge hosted by Auski - was a smashing success. We had 100+ plungers from 16 countries. Through our plungers, as well as our Go Fund Me account, we have managed to raise USD$21,000 for homeless charities.

We are particularly thrilled at the participation this year of corporations, in both donating prizes and services, as well as in supporting their employees who plunged. Your contribution was an important part of that. We hope we can look forward to your participation next year as well.

Yours sincerely, Karen Percy

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