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С клиникой GMS я столкнулся случайно, когда во время командировки в Москву почувствовал себя плохо. Коллеги по московскому офису пользуются услугами GMS по страховке, и посоветовали мне обратиться к ним. Чтобы не искушать судьбу, я последовал их совету, несмотря на высокие даже по меркам Москвы цены.

Thank you, Dr. Loriya!

Dear Dr. Loriya,

It has been a few months since you came to Hotel Metropol in Moscow to attend to my younger sister who was suffering from a swollen knee. Please know that your medical expertise and the medication you prescribed gave her immediate relief. We were very impressed ! Thank you again.

We had a wonderful time in Moscow and hope to visit again your beautiful city someday.

A week after we returned to CA, I and some friends went on a New England tour (Boston, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.) We were hoping to see the foliage when the leaves of the trees change colors and burst into an array of orange, red, yellow, rust, brown and pink before dropping on the ground. To our big disappointment, we were there a bit early so we missed it.

As I mentioned before, Emily, my daughter and son-in-law are both physicians here in CA. Emily is an Internist (Internal Medicine) while my son-in-law is an Oncologist and also a Hospice & Palliative Care Physician. They live in San Jose.

It is interesting that Emily has a co-worker who graduated from medical school in Russia. Hopefully, someday you can all connect with each other to discuss health care. Please let me know if you ever have plans to visit CA.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Dr. Loriya!

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